This website was born to collect and share my experiences in tuning and repairing computers to help preserve the enviroment; computers have a much shorter lifespan than most goods, often because we are not able to properly service and improve them. Many are trashed only because of a slow/failing hard drive, where a new SSD and some HW and SW maintenance – undervolting, overclock, OS debloating – could make it perform even better than a brand new off-the-shelve untweaked machine; iMacs and Macbook suffer from the same fate because of failing GPUs that can actually be disabled or even just reflown and undervolted to last much longer. Our goal is to make the best out what we/the customer already has.

While cost saving is surely a key driver – a core2duo from 2008 with a 50€ SSD and tuning will perform better than a brand 300€ brand new Atom crapbook – repairing of old computers like iMacs is a very time-consuming process wich could be considered cost ineffective. But there are more factors to consider; the most important is ecology – while new HW is usually lower power because of improving architectures and processing nodes, tuning of voltage/frequency curves can make up for a lot of that, and the total energy cost of a given item is mostly resulting of shipping, manufacturing, materials extraction and their disposal, rather than the operating energy; thus, saving older HW is always good for the enviroment, expecially for machines that are not stressed and running 24/7 .

The creation of this website was greatly motivated by the work of Louis Rossman; in his videos he advocates for right to repair – as Apple and many other companies are tryn to make repair of older HW much harder than necessary – and also reported on the terrible working conditions of Apple employees.

PizzaUndervolt is based on the work done as Mir Computers in our lab in Milano, Italy – mostly Gabriele (me), Orbee, Mr Omari and Mr Zander – and as part of Hybris Audio with the music composer Filippo Beretta

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