choosing the M1 macbook

A recap on the new M1 apple devices

1 performance with native apps on the CPU side is better than the current 16 inch macbook core i9 top model ; the GPU side is about 30% slower than the 16 inch, but also 3 times faster than previous intel 13. All coming in less than 10w compared to about 90w of combined cpu+gpu on the Intel 16inch.

2 non-native apps with Rosetta 2 are already faster than native running on the Intel 13 inch model, and they will be faster than the 16 inch when they eventually get updated – i would NOT buy any intel mac anymore. If you really need 16 inch display, please wait.

3 since load power is just 10w, the Pro cooling system does make very little difference and only with very long CPU+GPU full load, like gaming; therefore, the Air offers much better value. The other differences are slightly lower maximum brightness and lack of touch bar, wich also makes it less power hungry in general.

4 the 7 core gpu is about 10% slower than the 8 core one, but i’ts also only 40 euros difference if you upgrade the 7 core to 512gb SSD. If you can live with 256gb of storage – go for the 7 core and just upgrade to 16gb if you want to edit videos, really huge multi-layered images or play games.