Repurposing coolers: another way to help the enviroment and your wallet

Modded LGA775 coolers

Coolers are probably the most reusable parts of any computer, the contenders being the case – that can be damaged and be just too ugly for the average joe – and power supplies that no matter how overkill and high quality you buy will sooner or later die – or become a bit too unreliable to justify their use on a shiny expansive new system. But metal fins and heatpipes… they really don’t age.
And while power consumption has been creeping up since the old days of LGA 775/AM2, an undervolted 2620 V4 xeon is going to be fine even under a stock core2duo / athlon64 cooler and provide enough performance for 60fps gaming in the process.
I find these projects fun and a good distraction from regular assembly and tuning routine.

I will post videos on my youtube channel and use this page to collect them and add some pictures.