Things i like (other than pizza and undervolt):

1 – The Brian Jonestown Massacre music
2 – efficiency , recycling , repair
3 – debloating – removing unused parts from SW and even HW to make them lighter
4 – AMD – been a fanboy since my first K6 II system – always been leading innovation in the x86 space, and they have the best names and logos
5 – macOs – i don’t like most Apple policies and decisions, but i think their OS has a great cohesive and polished experience to offer
6 – bycicle – also mind ones

Things i dislike / do not understand

1 – Apple HW, design and function; usually too curved, overpriced and prone to overheating – i have a soft spot for 2006-2008 pre unibody (aluminium) macbook pros, all the ports and the matte display with small bezel – and the pre – iphone 6 design that they now finally brought back
2 – i’m not a retro collector or any kind of collector – i like things that can still be used, and making stuff work even if it’s not in the original form anymore
3 – used to love linux, now grown up a bit frustrated about it
4 – windows – so many bugs and frustrating experiences, it has neither the performance of linux nor the user friendlyness of macOs
5 – intel – lazy asses